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About us

Hello, welcome to our site dedicated to our friends chartreux.

Our passion for cats is old. After we’ve seen this cat breed for the first time we were amazed by its beauty, temperament and started a search for more and more information about the chartreux.

We bought our first queen with breeding option but not knowing exactly if we would do it. The passion of living with her was even greater and in a few months we’ve started searching for our stud and requested the authorization for the Bellagio cattery that was established in 2007.

We live in Cacém, about 20km from Lisbon airport. Our chartreux live and are raised in a familiar environment, being free do walk wherever they want in our house. Our gold is to select, breed and reveal this wonderful cat breed fulfilling all FIFe rules.

We hope you have a pleasant visit, learn new things about this cat of wonderful smile and fall in love with him as we did.