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Our feline family and kittens live in a family environment along with their human family and are not forbidden to be wherever they want. All our cats are very cherished. Both parents, as well as Isis, are FIV/FeLV negative.

As you may calculate, Chartreux Kittens are not available everyday. So, in case you're interested on a chartreux kitten you should contact us through our e-mail or phone and ask if there is any litter available. The kitten reservation must be done by e-mail and it is considered by arriving order. When a new litter is born, we announce here and send an e-mail to the interested contacts we have.

Kittens only leave our house with 12 weeks old, in case we find them mature and socialized enough, litter trained with the first vaccines ad wormed.

With each kitten, his new human will receive:

You should prepare your kitten arrival, acquiring:

A Bellagio kitten will always have our door open to his return.
In case you cannot keep him anymore, please contact us.